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Here at C & R Discount we have a few different makes and models of pre-owned Campers, Cars, Mini-vans, Pick-ups, Straight Trucks, Trailers, and Vans for sale. We do allow payments on some of our Vehicles and Trailers. We also will take trades or buy almost any kind of automobiles or trailers. We do get different vehicles in all the time, so just keep a look out on my web site and we may have what you are looking for soon. If you are coming from the east or west on I-80 in central IA by Des Moines, get off the Interstate 80 at the Altoona, Bondurant exit, and go north on NE Hubble Ave HWY 65 towards Bondurant and Marshall town and we are located 1 mile north from I-80 on West hand side of road. The name on the building in big letters is C & R Discount. We do except payments on some vehicles, campers and trailers. We do charge 15% interest. Prices our subject to change at any time! Please feel free to email me at shawn.crdiscount@yahoo.com or shawn.crdiscount@gmail.com, Call, or Fax
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Pre-owned Campers, Cars, Mini-vans, Pick-ups, Trailers & Vans
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1991 Ford Crane Truck
1981 Chevy 1500 9'' Lift 4x4 Pickup
2003 Chevy Impala
1992 Chrysler Labarron Convertable
1995 Chevy Blazer

1995 Chevy Blazer LT

$500.00 Cash



Phone: (515) 967-0227 | Fax: (515) 967-3438